1 a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose. 2 the social act of assembling. 3 a public space to meet for open discussion. 4 a group of parts which fit together to form a self-contained unit. 5 the action of fitting together component parts.

1701 MLK Jr. Way
Berkeley CA 94709



ASSEMBLY is an architecture office located in Berkeley, California. Principals Margaret Ikeda and Evan Jones began the practice after graduating from the Masters of Architecture program at UC Berkeley. Over the last ten years, the scale of work at Assembly has grown from the design and fabrication of furniture and installations to the design of urban public projects.Inherent in the name ASSEMBLY is a focus on connections between physical materials and an understanding of the collaborative process of design. Our experience in the realm of design/build has given us an ability to work within a budget, with a consideration of the simplicity of material connections. At every scale of work, we attempt to put materials together in simple, inventive ways that are economical, efficient and elegant. We continue to practice at a variety of scales, from installations and furniture to multi-story projects. The working method of our practice is to bring other specialists and professionals into the creative process. We gain inspiration and make architecture from the synthesis of these different perspectives. It is this working with the grain, working with diverse conceptions in order to bring them into a comprehensive whole, that gives our work relevance.